To take advantage of the knowledge of the old indigenous vines and the old farming traditions in order to convey the landscape, history and personality of the wonderful area of Montsant.

Acoustic origin


El Montsant


42 hectares of Old vines of Garnatxa Negra and Blanca, Pansal, and Carinyena varieties

From Cornudella del Montsant to Darmós, passing through vineyards in the villages of Falset, El Masroig, Marçà, Capçanes, Els Guiamets and La Serra d'Almos, we obtain the precious grapes of Garnatxa Negra, Roja, and Blanca, Peluda, Carinyena, Macabeu and Pansal. The vineyards are surrounded by ancient olive trees, which have seen a thousand battles and almond trees that have undergone climactic extremes.
We want to express the tradition, individuality and landscape of this area surrounded by the majestic Serra del Montsant.




A wine reclaimed

To reclaim and express the quality and singularity of traditional viticulture in the face of the globalisation of international varieties and modern production techniques. We work organically to respect the vines in their purity and naturalness.




Acoustic wines

To make pure, acoustic, natural, cosmetic-free wines that express the unfiltered simplicity of the vine and the territory, as they are, with honesty, as with acoustic music, which is stripped-back but yet is sincere and profound, expressing all its feeling without using electricity or technology. Wines faithful to the old vineyards of the region's own varieties for their quality, where each sip transports you to the place where the grapes were grown.