DO Montsant

A land of good wine

The first Spanish Wine Designations of Origin were recognized in 1932 in the Wine Statute promulgated by the state government, including the DO Tarragona. Within the limits of the DO Tarragona the "Falset subzone" was distinguished, which occupied the current territory of the DO Montsant. Finally, taking into account the specific characteristics of our wines and the importance of growing vineyards in the area, in 2001 the creation of the Montsant Designation of Origin was approved, which started with 28 registered wineries, and today it has already with 55.

These 55 wineries are distributed among 16 municipalities, most of the Priorat region and some of the Ribera d'Ebre: Cabacés, Capçanes, Cornudella de Montsant, Darmós, Els Guiamets, El Masroig, El Molar, Falset, La Bisbal de Falset, La Figuera, Sierra de Almos, Fontaubella Tower, Marçà, Margalef, Pradell de la Teixeta and Ulldemolins.



The area of ​​vineyard is 1,863.80 ha and the area of ​​red varieties is 1,753.20 ha, which corresponds to 94% of the total.